Pastor Tracey Verwey

"I was five years old the first time I went into Heaven. 


I had many encounters with angels and my parents would say I had a very vivid imagination. I had known since a very young age that I would be flying around the world and visiting many destinations but never understood or knew where this “thought” kept coming from. I gave my life to the Lord at 17 but it was not with my spirit, soul and body: only with my mouth. When I truly gave all of me to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, I was immediately filled with His Holy Spirit; I then knew where this soft gentle voice had been coming from since I was very young. The Holy Spirit would remind me of conversations we had many, many years ago and all these “dreams” were again brought to the forefront of my life.


As prophets prayed over me and continually confirmed my calling for the Lord and I knew what I was created for before I was put into my mothers womb (Jeremiah 1 vs. 5 – “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations”) to serve our almighty God and to preach and prophesy to his children, to be his voice and to give his words of encouragement and that no matter what our past or present looks like, he gives us comfort that we have a future and hope and its glorious!


To God be all the glory and praise."

"Tracey Verwey Ministries is the best ministry I have experienced first hand. The way she hears from the Lord you can't deny that the Word she shares is directly from God and when she prays for you, the Word she gives you know comes directly from the Throne Room of God. Everything she has prayed over me and the members of my church family have happened exactly how she prayed from the Lord. She is very sharp in the Spirit, very accurate and I say " Spot On!" The Words she brings can only come from God. The way she ministers is very powerful, very precise and directional. When you leave you know that you have heard from God! A beautiful genuine woman of our Heavenly Father. She does not leave anyone out. She will pray for 4 or 5 hours if that's how long it takes to bring a word to each person! Her saying is I will go to the One. I will not miss the One! Don't miss out on hearing this Amazing Vessel of Gold from God." - Emma Campbell, Perth WA

Places of Ministry


Tracey currently Ministers in two Churches in Perth, Australia.



Guest Preacher in various cities across Poland and Czech Republic.


Guest Speaker at God's Royal Assembly Church for Five Day Prophetic Conference in Melbourne, Australia.


Ministers at Flaming Bible Evangelical Church in Perth, Australia.


Ministers at Lighthouse Miracle Centre in Perth, Australia.


Guest Preacher at Christian Women's Conferences in Perth, Australia


Preached in Churches in Albany, Australia.


Ministered in Pinjarra, Australia.


Guest Preaching across Indonesia.


Mentored congregation with opening of new Church in Cambodia.

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