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Sea Salt


Luke MARSHAll  - Perth, WA

Owner / designer

"I met Pastor Tracey in 2018, during a season of my life where God was doing a lot of moulding and shaping in me, cutting away old mindsets and habits that held me back from moving forward with God.  Her gifting in the prophetic and how she represented God really has impacted my life, to this day.  Pastor Tracey has given me 3 prophetic words over the time I have known her.  They have kept me focused and given me hope when I've felt like giving up.  They have kept me from making wrong decisions that have looked right at the time and every single word or event that was promised has come to pass and in the order that was given.  

I'd like to share one of the words that were prophesied by Pastor Tracey. In February 2019, I had zero dollars to my name and I was in thousands of dollars in debt.  The bank and everyone I owed money to were calling.  I had applied for over 200 jobs and couldn't get one of them.  The bank had held off my repayments for nearly 6 months but could no longer do so.  They gave me 2 options -  come up with the money or declare bankruptcy.  They gave me till Friday to let them know which direction I was going in.  

That very same week Pastor Tracey was having lunch with my mum and some Pastors from my Church.  During that lunch Pastor Tracey released a word, "There is a man in your church who needs a job and has been looking for a long time and is feeling discouraged (which I was).  Tell that man to stop looking for work, God is going to give him a job.  Someone will call him, it will be suddenly and a new DOUBLE Door will open to that perfect job".

That day my mum comes home and tells me about this prophetic word and my reaction was that there was NO WAY  I was going to stop looking for a job as I needed one by the end of the week. However, I humbled myself and listened to what God had said.  I remember saying to God, "God I trust You" and I proved it by not continuing to look for work.  This was very hard for me to do.  I also thought because I obeyed God, He would bring me that job straight away.  They say God loves a dramatic finish, He did not disappoint.  That Friday at 12:00 pm I received the call that Pastor Tracey prophesied and it went just the way she said it would.   The call was from a man asking if I needed work, I replied, "YES!"  I was able to call the bank straight away and told them I had found a job!  We were able to work out repayment plans for my debts,  The following Monday I had an informal interview and I got the job on the spot.  It's the perfect job and the hours are great! When I asked my new boss how did he know to call me; he said that he had been asking his business partners if they knew of anyone who needed a job and they both gave him my name and number.  Both on the same day.  My DOUBLE DOOR.  

I could tell you many amazing testimonies from prophetic words Pastor Tracey has given me.  I would like to add that I am so privileged to have this amazing woman of God in my life. She is a blessing to this world.  I have many friends and family that have been saved, protected, and been given divine direction for their lives all through her ministry. 


I love you heaps Pastor Tracey and thank you so much for your obedience to God and the call of God on your life."


Evangelist Fred Djuang  - Perth, WA


"When I first met Pastor Tracey in 2012 my life began to change.  Through her prophetic gift, I received confirmation and boldness to step into what God has called me for.  The first words Tracey released were, "My Brother, why are you sitting in the back of the church, when God has called you to evangelism and to bring people into the Kingdom."

I was doing evangelism in East Timor and Indonesia for many years before I relocated to Perth. I took a season off from the ministry and that is when pastor Tracey prophesied its time to stop sitting at the back of the church. Since I started this street ministry over 6,000 people have received Jesus Christ as their Saviour.  I continue to worship on the streets of Perth and mentor others with a passion for evangelism and the love of Jesus.


I have never met anyone in ministry like Pastor Tracey.  Her accurate prophetic words, as she stands in the Office of a Prophet, is so precise and detailed.  It gives direction in your life straight from the Throne Room of God. 

Over the years I have witnessed Pastor Tracey changing the  lives of many through her prophetic ministry as people get confirmation and affirmation in their calling by All Mighty God."


Alejandro Arias.jpg

Alejandro Aris International Ministries - Florida, USA

"We have known Pastor Tracey and Corey for a few years now and we can say that they are real people with an outstanding prophetic ministry in their life.  Tracey's prophetic gift is one of the most accurate and direct I have come across in many years.  Her prophetic anointing and the delivery is both very seasoned and substantial.  I know you will be blessed through her ministry and teachings."

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