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Sea Salt


This is a new season, a season where many of my children have tried to do life without me. Many, many will come into my kingdom now as they've tried everything in their own strength but now they will bow before me.  Many names that are known around the world will confess "I am Lord" and this will be done publicly. 

I am raising up my children who have chosen me and placing them in positions where their voices are needed.  Just like I raised up Joseph to be a mighty voice of power in Egypt.  More Presidents, Prime ministers and voices in Governments who are for me will take their positions.

This is the year of re-aligning.  I am calling people out of their countries to new countries and even countries they thought they would be in and not move from again.  I am repositioning you.  Many international and interstate moves will occur in the world.

I spoke last year of the paedophile ring with known names attached to this, that I would expose and again I will expose those men and women in this evil, says the Lord.

The disasters around the world will continue until people stop crying "climate change" but be on their knees repenting that they have forgotten that I detest evil and my earth is groaning with the sin in it.  The creatures I created in the oceans will come out of the ocean and lie in the shallows.

Again, Islam is rising up in countries that will not be expected, they are in training, in hiding but I will expose this evil again says the Spirit of the Lord.  Many in this religion will turn to me and declare Yeshua is the Son the God.  There will be more uprisings in countries of peace. Asia is rising up and I will allow it until I say NO MORE. Germany will be on alert for the acts of terrorism coming from inside the country.  A tragedy within their government will put this nation into shock I saw unrest in the streets of Great Britain, bombs thrown in streets and violence.  It will be for a short period and then calm will come, but the undercurrent will remain. 

Many businesses around the world are closing down due to financial problems and the people of the world are saying things are so bad but, you will see many businesses open with jobs being created.  As many people stand for me much will go against them but, says the Lord, I will raise them up to be higher than where they were before.

I am separating the sheep and goat nations.  Those nations for me will be blessed and those against me will see my hand removed from them.  My people will cry out but Lord, this nation is not all saved and I say the remnant few that pray for that nation will be seen in my eyes and faithful and I will honour your prayers.

Many nations go against my beloved Israel, but more nations will come and stand side by side with Israel.  They will see the blessings when they align with Israel, as my Word promises.  

The world is applauding the killing of my unborn and the killing of my sons and daughters who are choosing the day their lives end. Soon a bill will be tried to be passed in the world where people will sit up and say this cannot be, this is pure evil.  Then the world will see how deceived they have been.   

The nations are dry but the rains will come that again the earth will be green with grass. 

Churches that have shut down my Holy Spirit and softened my work to please many will see my wrath.  I want a Holy Church, a pure people, not ones that change my word to promote the lies of Satan.  I see churches consumed by flames.  I am exposing the ones who preach and prophesy in my name but, I do not know them.  As they are doing it for financial gain and for their names to be up in lights.  The people pleasers who have gone against my Holy Word who have forgotten, I AM THE GREAT I AM.

​My angelic hosts will be seen in the skies many times and many will have encounters with them.  Miracles will increase around the world and many things will be televised where I will be glorified.

​The season of unprecedented miracles is now here.  My people will see the restoration of families, prodigals returning home and my glory will be seen throughout the earth.  Many signs will be seen and heard in the skies.  Stadiums around the world will be filled to capacity with my children who are desperate for their lives to change and my shekinah glory will fall over the stadiums that will be seen with the human eye, dancing and singing will be in the streets. 

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