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Sea Salt



I get invited to give the prophetic word of the Lord to some churches every December however, this year the Holy Spirit led me to pray and receive the word just a few days before the ushering in of the New Jewish Year of 5779, which started on the 9th of September.


Here is the word from the Lord:


There are troubling times ahead but the Lord says listen also to the word of encouragement and the exciting things that are coming.

Islam will again rise up.  There will be terror attacks as they have let the world think they are safe and the west is again relaxed.  In Islamic countries, the attacks on Christians will increase.  I see persecution and bloodshed.  Certain countries will try and shut down Christian Churches and put requirements on churches to conform to their ways, not of God.

There is going to be sex traffic rings concerning children exposed and big names will be involved.


More natural disasters will occur and this has nothing to do with global warming as the earth is groaning with the evil that is in it. 


The Lord's wrath will come down on countries where the leaders appear to be heroes to the people but it is bringing evil into the country and applauding it. Canada, Canada your leader is a stench in my nostrils says the Lord. 


The world will see the people in high places clearly for who and what they stand for - they will confess evil and the evil one as their God and others will stand for me.

Russia will be in the news but not for the right reasons. 


America will again try to push out the man I have chosen and whom I placed there to lead the nation, but the churches are learning to stand together and pray for him.


Stocks and shares will appear to plummet but it will be a scare tactic and will rise after this. 


I exposed governments and Hollywood and again I will expose them.  I am forcing the evil out of the shadows.

My glory shall be seen on earth. Revival is going to start and it will continue across the world like a tidal wave.  Miracles will start to be televised and even with the media trying to shut it down like it is an illusion and try to discredit it.  My name shall be exalted and the wave of the miraculous cannot be stopped by man.

I am strategically repositioning my children around the world and placing them in high positions as they will be a voice for me and raising others into a position of influence as they are for me.

The Air Malaysia aeroplane that is missing, Man thought they had all the equipment to find and could not, I will bring this out for the depths now, says the Lord.

I gave my Prophets the word that 2018 was the year of suddenlies and again my world remains for this New Year for suddenlies. Suddenly your breakthrough, your family restoration, work you have been waiting for, your losses financially with suddenly be restored.

These past 3 years have been difficult but I am your Heavenly Father who loves you and will raise you up to stand strong. That my children who do not yet know me will wonder how come they are moving forward and prospering?  How come Christians are being put into high places?  because I have chosen you says the Lord!


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